• All-Electric Vehicles(BEV)

    Give your drive an electric boost

  • All-Electric Vehicles(BEV)

  • What is an Electric Vehicle (BEV)?

    An all-electric vehicle, also known as an EV, runs on 100% battery power and charges from an electric charging point. That means zero fuel and zero emissions driving.

    On the road, you'll experience instant torque, smooth, step-free acceleration, and quiet running.

    And with government initiatives, choosing an electric car could be good for your wallet as well as the environment.

  • Why choose an All-Electric Vehicle?

    Zero-Emissions Driving

    Drive with total peace of mind that your EV isn’t contributing to emissions in the air.

    Easy Charging

    Leave your home charged up for your journey. For longer journeys, access the ever-growing network of charging stations.

    Lower Running Costs

    All-electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than an engine. That means less maintenance, lower costs, and a longer lifespan. 

  • All-Electric Vehicles(BEV)

  • How do Electric Vehicles (BEV) work?

    Our all-electric vehicles are equipped with high-performance lithium-ion battery packs. With their high energy capacity, Li-ion batteries pack a lot of power into a small and lightweight unit.

    Here’s how electric vehicles work: a charge gives the batteries chemical energy, which they can then ‘discharge’ into the connected motor. This is what drives the vehicle and gives your Ford EV such a smooth ride.

    In addition, all of our EVs are equipped with a Regenerative Braking system. Energy that would otherwise be lost from coasting or braking is recovered and channelled directly into the battery. This makes the most of the electric vehicle’s electric range.


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