• Mild-Hybrid (MHEV)

    Give your drive an electric boost

  • Mild-Hybrid (MHEV)

  • What is a Mild-Hybrid (MHEV)?

    A mild hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) uses a battery-powered electric motor in support of a conventional petrol engine to improve efficiency and reduce emissions1. Mild hybrids use regenerative braking to charge the battery while driving. They don't charge from an external power source and are not capable of electric-only driving.

  • Why Choose Mild-Hybrid?

    Improved Fuel Economy

    Electric motor assist reduces demand on the engine helping to improve fuel economy.

    No Charging Points

    No need for charging points, regenerative braking charges the battery as you drive.

    Familiar Experience

    Like driving a conventional vehicle, but with a more responsive ride and improved efficiency1.

  • Mild-Hybrid (MHEV)

  • How do Mild-Hybrids (MHEVs) work?

    Mild hybrids combine an electric motor and 48-volt battery with a conventional engine. The electric motor seamlessly integrates with the engine and uses stored energy to provide extra torque. The system monitors vehicle usage to determine whether to use or charge the battery. When your MHEV is coasting or braking, the electric motor acts as a generator. Energy is collected and stored in the 48-volt battery, ready to assist or supplement the engine.


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